Revive Battery - Oxiclean White Revive Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover, 3 Pound

$ 12

Thank you for visiting our ebay store! OxiClean White Revive is a laundry stain remover powder that does not contain chlorine bleach and has a fresh scent. OxiClean works with your detergent to break down stain molecules on your fibers, allowing them to be carried away in the wash and leaving your clothes whiter and brighter. Its tough on stains but safe for use on white and colorfast washables. For best results, pre-soak tough stains or dingy whites in accordance with package directions. - Pre-Soak Your Clothes for Up to 6 Hours Before Washing for Best Results and to Revive Dingy Whites! - OxiClean Keeps Your Whites and Your Colors Bright and Leaves a Powerful Scent of Clean! - OxiClean White Revive Does Not Contain Chlorine, so there are No Worries of Chlorine Spills! - With 40% More Whitening Power than Chlorine Bleach, OxiClean White Revive Maintains and Revives Whites to Help Keep them Looking Like New Longer!OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover, 3 Pound

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