Revive Battery - $ Save $ Fix, Repair And Renew, Revive Kit-golf Cart Battery For Club Car Carts

Renew 6 Batteries - 36 Volt Kit! Simple Procedure!

$ 16

Battery Boostâ„¢Club Car Golf Cart Battery RepairIncludes Enough Powder to Fix 6 - 6 volt, 6 - 8 volt, or 3 - 12 volt Batteries Fix your Club Car Golf Cart Battery with our simple procedure andabout 15 minutes of your time! THOUSANDS of NiCd Battery repair manuals sold!Now weve created the best solution for repairing Lead Acid Batteries!~ SAVE BIG MONEY! ~ This auction is for printed instructions on how to repair your Lead Acid battery, AND the Maximum Strength, Very Fine, easy to dissolve non-corrosive powder to Desulfate up to 6 batteries. This procedure works 80-90% of the time, and should be used when your Lead Acid Battery gets weak! Imagine never having to replace that expensive battery!All you need to do is boil a specific amount of distilled water with a measured amount of this powder and add it to your battery. Then trickle charge it for 12 hours! That is it! 15-20 minute procedure. Before you go spend your hard earned money, give this easy repair a try! As you all know, car batteries can cost $100-$200 to replace. Golf Cart Batteries can cost $600+! A lawnmower battery can cost $30-$70 to replace. The same goes for a snow blower battery, a motorcycles battery, and any other Lead Acid Battery!If you have a dead Lead Acid battery that wont take a charge, there is a good chance it can be repaired with this simple procedure.! Over time, a short period of time really, the lead plates inside the battery corrode and build up with sulfur. This sulfur build up greatly reduces the charging capacity of the lead plates. Which results in Low Power, Slow Charge, and Quick dying batteries. This solution cleans the sulfur build up! If your lead acid battery has been sitting dead for 6 or 9 months, or longer, it can be revived with the Battery Boost powder and simple instructions.This repair can work on your battery, whether its 1, 2, or 10 years old!This process will NOT work on dried, previously frozen, AGM or GEL cell batteries Again this repair procedure works on any Lead Acid Battery!Including - Club Car Golf Cart, Lawnmower, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Automotive, and More! We Ship daily through USPS!

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